Grounds FAQs


Can I camp on the grounds?

YES! We have beautiful grounds and we do allow overnight camping. Electrical hook up is included per camper. The rate for camping is $25/ night/ camper and $10/ night/ tent (No electrical) There are forms outside the Lynn Dunn Building to fill out and drop payment for camping. This is a great option for guests who are attending weddings and on-site events!

What can I rent the grounds for?

Anything! We are very flexible on what type of events we can host. We entertain a variety currently such as livestock events, weddings, family reunions, baby showers etc. We have a lot of different spaces available for rent to best meet your needs.

Open Riding in the arena

We do allow open riding for those who have signed a liability riding waiver and pre booked with the rental manager. The rate for open riding is $15/ horse/ day for the 1st horse and $10 for each additional per rider. Must provide proof of insurance


Can I bring in my own drinks?

There are NO outside alcoholic drinks allowed of any kind. For liability reasons, all alcohol must be purchased by and served by the Linn County Fair. You are welcome to bring in any non-alcoholic options including but not limited to lemonade, water, and pop.

Can you serve pop?

Yes, we do have the option to offer canned pop to your guests if you wish us to handle that. Talk with the Rental Manager for options.

Who are my bartenders?

There is a $200 fee for serving alcohol at any event. This $200 goes 100% to the two bartenders serving your event. The bartenders are Fair board and Association members who have taken the IPAC training course and trained for serving alcohol. Tips are welcome.

What are options for drinks?

There is a drink contract that is due 30 days prior to the event that covers the variety of drinks we can offer. We will do our best to accommodate any special requests. Let the Rental Manager know if you have any special requests.


All décor must be provided by the renters. The Linn County Fairgrounds provides the tables and chairs but does not offer any décor. The Rental Manager can provide recommendations if you are looking for an Event Planner to assist with décor. If you did not purchase a Sunday access rental, your décor must all be out of the facility by midnight the evening of the event. If you purchased Sunday access you can come in 8-noon on Sunday to clean up and or gather décor.


All cleaning must be done by the renters. This includes, trash, can removal, sweeping, mopping, and putting away the bar, tables, chairs, and stage. We will clean up the event space for $250 if you choose to add that offering. IF you choose that option, you will have to remove any personal belongings before midnight the evening of your rental and our cleaning team will come in the next day and take care of the rest!

Tables/ Chairs

The LDM Grand Room has seating for 500 guests. The Conference room will seat about 50 with tables and chairs or 75 with chairs only. We offer heavy duty black chairs and 8ft white tables. We have 5-6ft rounds tables and 5- cocktail tables to use by the renters. We do offer picnic tables and some outdoor seating options for those renting outdoor spaces other than the LDM. All table coverings must be provided by the renters.

Are Pets allowed?

Pets are NOT allowed in any of the buildings at the Linn County Fairgrounds. Pets are allowed on grounds for private outdoor events and must be on a leash. Please pick up after your pets. No pets outside of service animals are allowed during the Linn County Fair.

Where do we park?

For private events at the fairgrounds you are welcome to park around the rental area on the grass. For larger events or the need for more parking. The grass lot west of the fairgrounds across the train tracks is open for overflow parking.

How do we get the keys?

The Rental Manager will meet with you the week of your event to tie up any loose ends and cover rental information. They will set a lock code specific for your event and discuss that code with you. There is a lock box outside the front door of the LDM and keys will be inside for you to use during your rental.

Do I need to provide insurance?

Yes. ALL events on the ground must provide of proof of insurance on file with the Rental Manager prior to event.

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